Profitable Communication For Fleet Managers

Fleet management systems from Stone’s don’t just tell you where your vehicles are. They improve your operation by cutting fuel costs, reducing accidents and maximizing machine life – practically paying for themselves in the time and money they save. Plus, Motorola digital two-way radios from Stone’s add yet another level of control. From redirecting lost drivers to reducing insurance claims, Stone’s can put you in the driver’s seat.

Case Studies

BLS Trucking Inc. Reduces Fuel Costs, Theft and False Claims Using Networkfleet®

When gas prices, vehicle theft, and false claims against drivers sky rocket at the same time, it gets your attention. At BLS Trucking, the solution was a wireless vehicle management system from Networkfleet which paid for itself within a year … Read more (download PDF).

Improve Fleet Efficiency and Your Competitive Edge with a Motorola Mototrbo Two-Way Digital Radio System

Maintaining profitability and a competitive edge in local trucking operations requires maximum efficiency — you need to be able to reach your drivers at any time, and you need to know where your drivers are at all times in order to minimize mileage and maximize delivery … Read more (download PDF).


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