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Responsive Communication For Facility Managers

When it comes to the health and safety of everyone on a facility’s campus, it’s vital for your communication to be as reliable as you are. Motorola digital two-way radios from Stone’s help your staff stay connected and focused on caregiving. Whether you work in a hospital, a long-term care facility or even a pharmacy, your job is easier with the right communication tools. Stone’s can help.

Case Studies


West Tennessee Healthcare – A Communications System In Need Of Care

West Tennessee Healthcare (WTH) needed a two-way solution that would ensure exceptionally clear and efficient communications to all parts of the property. They had an aging analog system in place, and they wanted to be sure that in the days to come, they’d be well positioned to migrate the whole system seamlessly to digital … Read more (download PDF).


Beijing Union College Hospital Enhances Productivity And Quality Of Medical Services With Motorola’s Enterprise Mobility Solution

Most hospital information systems in China were built in-house. The Beijing Union College Hospital is no exception. The Hospital needed an efficient end to end system to track the treatment of patients and to reduce the workload of the nurses so they could focus on care giving … Read more (download PDF).


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