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Reliable Communication For Emergency Responders

When people’s lives depend on you, you can depend on Stone’s. We offer the most reliable Motorola digital two-way radios, and we are the only Federal Signal distributor in North Dakota and northwest Minnesota. From lighting to sirens, from radios to alarms, the products we offer are rugged yet innovative. Our products communicate quickly and clearly, so your team is always connected and always ready to protect and serve.


Case Studies

Improving The Safety Of Those Who Keep The Public Safe

Ironically, public safety jobs are some of the most challenging – and potentially hazardous – jobs in the country. They are also some of the most important. That’s why Stone’s works so hard to help law enforcement, police departments and ambulance services maintain public safety while staying safe themselves. … Read more


Mission Critical Austin/Travis County, Texas, Regional Radio System

When it was time for the city of Austin, Texas, to build a new public-safety radio system, discussions with Travis County officials and leaders from other neighboring entities made it clear they had a rare opportunity to … Read more (download PDF).


CLEMIS Deploys MW810 Mobile Workstations To Enable “Virtual Office” In Squad Cars

In the public safety world, information is power. Whether it’s warning officers of prior incidents at a particular address, giving them the ability to quickly run license plate numbers or matching a set of fingerprints to a mug shot, information can speed operations and save lives. Equally important is a rugged, reliable Mobile Workstation that enables fast, easy access to the data … Read more (download PDF).


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