Solutions for Border Control

Robust Communication For Border Control

To safeguard our borders, you need good leadership and great communication. After all, you depend on an accurate and immediate response while on duty. Stone’s offers the most reliable Motorola digital two-way radios, and we are the only Federal Signal distributor in North Dakota and northwest Minnesota. From lighting to sirens, from radios to alarms, the products we offer have superior reliability and incredibly clear communication, helping ensure that officers stay connected and receive quick assistance if needed. Patrolling remote areas or making an arrest, Stone’s two-way radios will back you up.

Case Studies


Networkfleet® And The San Diego Military Team Up For Fleet Savings And Safety

In late 2003, the Southwest Region Fleet Transportation (SWRFT) organization of the U.S. Marine Corps began to equip their vehicles with Networkfleet’s wireless fleet management solution across San Diego County. The system has proved to be invaluable to the fleet operations at SWRFT … Read more (download PDF).


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