GPS Vehicle & Asset Tracking

Communicate With Your Vehicles, And They Can Tell You A Lot About Your Business

Fleet Management GPS systems from Stone’s don’t just tell you where your vehicles are. They pay for themselves by cutting fuel costs, reducing accidents and improving machine life. The benefits are clear:

    • Improves Safety – When drivers follow speed limits and traffic signs, there are significantly fewer accidents – and insurance claims.
    • Controls Costs – From maintenance expenses to fuel costs, you can predict and manage virtually every dollar you spend on your vehicles.
    • Saves Time – Lost drivers can easily be redirected. Blocked or inefficient routes can be avoided.


  • Reduces Maintenance Issues – Service schedules can be monitored closely, and issues can be addressed before they become costly breakdowns.
  • Advances Resource Management – You can anticipate the rhythms of your business and modify your schedules in minutes rather than hours.
  • Delivers Peace Of Mind – Alerts are delivered when problems occur. There is no need for constant monitoring – simply identify priorities and worry about issues only when they become issues.


    streettrek logoStreetTrek Web enables you to transform Motorola MOTOTRBO Professional Digital Two-Way Radio Systems into a powerful tool for receiving real-time information about portable and mobile assets and personnel, without the need for client installations at your facility.

    RAZOR Tracking

    Razor TrackingRazor Tracking is a world class GPS fleet and asset tracking technology. Built on customer feedback, powerful and easy to use features, and very intuitive menus and functions. Ideal for Construction, Agriculture, Electrical Contractors, Heavy Equipment, Equipment Dealers, Oil and Gas, Service Fleets, and many more.


    Network FleetNetworkfleet™ merges GPS technology with affordable wireless coverage. The result is easily accessible information on a vehicle’s location, stops, idling and mileage that can be quickly analyzed to yield benefits in efficiency and cost reductions. The operations side of your business can make your fleet run more smoothly by accessing GPS location information.

    Features of Networkfleet’s GPS Tracking System

    • Track your vehicles anytime, anywhere
    • Know the health of your vehicles with remote vehicle diagnostics
    • Manage all your vehicles online
    • Detailed reporting to match special needs of your vehicles
    • Identify Vehicles that Need Fuel Efficiency Improvement

    Other Fleet Management Products From Networkfleet And Stone’s Include:

    Networkfleet 5000: GPS Fleet Tracking & Diagnostics
    Compatible with light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles, the 5000 Series product line features two hardware devices. The 5200 is GPS only, while the 5500 connects directly to the vehicle’s diagnostic port to continually monitor engine diagnostics.

    Networkfleet AT-1400 Asset Tracker
    The easy to install AT-1400 uses GPS technology to report location and movement for field assets like trailers, generators, heavy duty equipment or any valuable property.

    Networkfleet CONNECT For Garmin
    With Networkfleet CONNECT, you can assign jobs, dispatch drivers to specific destinations, provide turn-by-turn directions and communicate with drivers in real-time, all via the driver’s in-cab Garmin device.