Emergency Vehicle Lighting

Federal Signal Emergency Products


The number one name in emergency products since 1901, Federal Signal Corporation has provided signaling innovations. Public safety officials around the world have long come to rely on their visual and audible warning products to help them protect and serve.
At Stone’s, we’re proud to be the only distributor for Federal Signal emergency products for North Dakota and Western Minnesota. We provide sales and service of the following Federal Signal products:

  • Area Lighting
  • Backup Alarms
  • Directional Warning
  • Flashers & Strobe Power Supplies
  • Halogen Beacons
  • Interior/Exterior Warning Lights
  • LED Beacons
  • Lightbars
  • Mini-Lightbars
  • Motorcycle Products
  • Perimeter Lights
  • Sirens
  • Speakers
  • Strobe Beacons