Motorola Augments WYDOT Staff To Develop 58-Site Astro 25 System

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The state of Wyoming tasked Wyoming Department of Transportation (WyDOT ) with managing the implementation of its new 58-site statewide ASTRO 25 network. WyDOT would acquire, develop, and build out each site, then hand it over to Motorola to deploy the two-way radio communications equipment. But when WyDOT fell behind on site development, the schedule was in jeopardy.


While WyDOT continued to move forward with site acquisition, Motorola’s Site Development team stepped in to help develop and build selected sites and keep the momentum going to stay on track and meet the projected system deployment timeline.


Currently, 42 of the 58 sites are on-line and over 80% of the state now has access to P25- compliant interoperable communications. The entire system is scheduled to be complete as of December 2010.

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