Mobile Trailer Works

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Mobile Trailer Works lives by that motto, because that is the challenge its customers – shippers and trucking companies that service the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in Southern California – face every day. Mobile Trailer Work’s customers must be able to transport their heavy cargo quickly and efficiently.

The rugged environment of a seaside port is hard on trucks, and breakdowns are common and costly. The vehicles endure salt air, navigate uneven pavements, and withstand the vibrations of heavy equipment. They spend long hours waiting in line to receive or off-load containers. If a truck breaks down while waiting to get loaded, it loses its place in line. If a container doesn’t make it to port on time, the ship leaves without it. And, if a truck breaks down after it’s loaded, the shipment is stranded. So potential problems need to be caught early and repairs made quickly, wherever the trucks happen to be.

That’s where Mobile Trailer Works comes in. Its fleet of 13 mobile vehicles is staffed with highly skilled mechanics and state-of-the-art equipment. Dispatched from the company’s headquarters in Commerce, California, they are always on the move, doing inspections and repairs on containers and chassis throughout Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, and parts of Orange County.

Until recently, Mobile Trailer Works used cell phones to manage its widely dispersed fleet. But, cellular proved to be a time-consuming and inefficient technology for communicating with the company’s far-flung vehicles. There were many dropped calls, drivers had to be contacted individually, and mechanics tended to leave their phones in the truck cab while working on a customer’s vehicle, so they missed calls. And with the recurring monthly charges per unit, cell phones were expensive.

Today, Mobile Trailer Works is profiting from the MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio system with the GPS-enabled SafeMobile® dispatch software. This solution streamlined and optimized their communications while significantly improving the company’s ability to manage their mobile assets.

According to Mobile Trailer Works, the new system has delivered:

  • 20% higher efficiency
  • 70% lower communications costs

And that’s just part of the story. Read the full story here