Mission Critical Austin/Travis County, Texas Regional Radio System

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When it was time for the city of Austin, Texas, to build a new public-safety radio system, they agreed Motorola was the right choice.


Replacing an aging network with a powerful resource for community safety.

Discussions with Travis County officials and leaders from other neighboring entities made it clear they had a rare opportunity to:

  • Streamline emergency operations when incidents require rapid joint response
  • Enable city and county personnel to communicate across organizational boundaries
  • Improve radio coverage throughout the metro area
  • Provide enhanced communications for schools, transportation, and public works to help them coordinate with public safety efforts

Shared resources.

System: A new regional 800 MHz Project 25 network supports dependable and truly interoperable voice communications, while a new mobile data system supports CAD, RMS, and AVI applications to give people the information they need, when and where they need it.

Coverage area: Uses simulcast technology to cover 1300 square miles of rolling hills that include city, suburban and rural areas.

Users: Six governmental entities, approximately 50 departments, and 6,000 users, with expected growth to 10,000 users. More entities are expected to join the network in later phases.

An advanced network at an affordable cost.

“Shared infrastructure was a great benefit because no one agency could absorb the cost for the entire system. We were able to take the combined center approach, leverage our dollars, and produce a very good outcome from it.” – Pete Collins

“By partnering with these other agencies, the city has gotten a much better system, with much more functionality and greater coverage, than we could have afforded ourselves.”
– Robert Turner

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