Improving The Safety Of Those Who Keep The Public Safe

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Ironically, public safety jobs are some of the most challenging – and potentially hazardous – jobs in the country. They are also some of the most important. That’s why Stone’s works so hard to help law enforcement, police departments and ambulance services maintain public safety while staying safe themselves.

Bob Rost is the sheriff of Grand Forks County, North Dakota. He has worked in law enforcement since 1971, when he started as a deputy sheriff in nearby Marshall County, Minnesota. In every position he’s held, Rost has counted on Stone’s to keep him and his team safe as they’ve protected the people they’ve served. Today, his department works with Stone’s to provide virtually all of the organization’s two-way radios as well as light bars, sirens, push bumpers and even cages for deputy vehicles.


According to Rost, reliable communication is critical for all law enforcement agencies but even more so in a rural area like Grand Forks County. “In the old days, if you left your vehicle, you were soon out of contact – which is dangerous, to say the least. Thanks to Stone’s, our cars act as repeaters which allow deputies to stay in radio contact.” That makes their jobs safer, which is why so many public safety organizations work with Stone’s for their technology.

With Stone’s, they’re able to get the latest equipment at a great price from a company that stands behind it with expert service.“We have a maintenance agreement with Stone’s so that if something goes wrong, they address it right away,” Rost says. “They get the parts they need and fix our problems very quickly.” In fact, according to Rost, it is dependability that sets Stone’s apart. “We stay with Stone’s because of the reliability of their products and their people. Our experiences are so positive, we see no need to change.”

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