New Tower in Ada, MN

StonecastRemember those old two way radios that dad used to use? They were pretty cool, and he was very proud! Now, there’s a totally new two way radio system in the Ada area. This is a smart radio system! You can download apps! It’s digital! You can use GPS and text messaging! It offers terrific range and crystal clear sound…nothing like we’ve ever experienced before.  See for yourself at Stones, your authorized Motorola solutions radio channel partner.

Connect without Limits: MOTOTRBO Anywhere

MOTOTRBO Anywhere is the perfect complement to your radio system. This broadband push-to-talk solution quickly and easily connects IOS and Android mobile devices to your MOTOTRBO radio system.

Motorola Augments WYDOT Staff To Develop 58-Site Astro 25 System


The state of Wyoming tasked Wyoming Department of Transportation (WyDOT ) with managing the implementation of its new 58-site statewide ASTRO 25 network. WyDOT would acquire, develop, and build out each site, then hand it over to Motorola to deploy the two-way radio communications equipment. But when WyDOT fell behind on site development, the schedule was in jeopardy.


While WyDOT continued to move forward with site acquisition, Motorola’s Site Development team stepped in to help develop and build selected sites and keep the momentum going to stay on track and meet the projected system deployment timeline.


Currently, 42 of the 58 sites are on-line and over 80% of the state now has access to P25- compliant interoperable communications. The entire system is scheduled to be complete as of December 2010.

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Mobile Trailer Works


Mobile Trailer Works lives by that motto, because that is the challenge its customers – shippers and trucking companies that service the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in Southern California – face every day. Mobile Trailer Work’s customers must be able to transport their heavy cargo quickly and efficiently.

The rugged environment of a seaside port is hard on trucks, and breakdowns are common and costly. The vehicles endure salt air, navigate uneven pavements, and withstand the vibrations of heavy equipment. They spend long hours waiting in line to receive or off-load containers. If a truck breaks down while waiting to get loaded, it loses its place in line. If a container doesn’t make it to port on time, the ship leaves without it. And, if a truck breaks down after it’s loaded, the shipment is stranded. So potential problems need to be caught early and repairs made quickly, wherever the trucks happen to be.

That’s where Mobile Trailer Works comes in. Its fleet of 13 mobile vehicles is staffed with highly skilled mechanics and state-of-the-art equipment. Dispatched from the company’s headquarters in Commerce, California, they are always on the move, doing inspections and repairs on containers and chassis throughout Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, and parts of Orange County.

Until recently, Mobile Trailer Works used cell phones to manage its widely dispersed fleet. But, cellular proved to be a time-consuming and inefficient technology for communicating with the company’s far-flung vehicles. There were many dropped calls, drivers had to be contacted individually, and mechanics tended to leave their phones in the truck cab while working on a customer’s vehicle, so they missed calls. And with the recurring monthly charges per unit, cell phones were expensive.

Today, Mobile Trailer Works is profiting from the MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio system with the GPS-enabled SafeMobile® dispatch software. This solution streamlined and optimized their communications while significantly improving the company’s ability to manage their mobile assets.

According to Mobile Trailer Works, the new system has delivered:

  • 20% higher efficiency
  • 70% lower communications costs

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Rural Electric Cooperatives: Improve Operations With Reliable Communications


Rural Electric Cooperatives (RECs) demand reliable wide area coverage across their expansive service territories. Immediate dispatch in order to manage field workers is crucial when responding to service calls. In addition, RECs require easy-to-use communications in order to ensure employee safety, improve customer service, and reduce costs.

Utility3The MOTOTRBO Professional Digital Two-way Radio System is ready to help you respond to those challenges. Versatile and powerful, MOTOTRBO delivers a wide range of effective two-way radio communication with better basics and enhanced features. It combines the best in two-way radio functionality with digital technology to deliver increased capacity, integrated data applications and enhanced voice communication, where and when you need it.

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Greenville University Medical Center Increases Security with MOTOTRBO™


With five locations spread throughout Greenville County, Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center’s (GHS) main campus had expanded beyond the capability of the security team’s analog two way-radios. In addition, security personnel in its five remote sites used cell phones which slowed response and lessened effective communications with the main campus, each other and Dispatch. MOTOTRBO two-way digital portable radios and IP Site Connect have closed the communication gaps, enabled a centralized emergency dispatch center and created a reliable, seamless communications system throughout the entire coverage area.

“The radios have worked great. The remote speaker mics and ear pieces have been a great way of keeping communication confidential even in a crowded environment. Motorola continues to be responsive to our service needs, even long after installation.”
– Shawn Reilly, Director of Security, Greenville Hospital System

“Hospital environments can be challenging in and of themselves and adding to that challenge, this customer had multiple locations. With the MOTOTRBO digital portable radios and IP Site Connect, we were able to close the communications gap between the campuses, enable a centralized dispatch, and increase security throughout Greenville Hospital System.” – Keith Pennington, Morris Communications, Inc.

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Mission Critical Austin/Travis County, Texas Regional Radio System

When it was time for the city of Austin, Texas, to build a new public-safety radio system, they agreed Motorola was the right choice.


Replacing an aging network with a powerful resource for community safety.

Discussions with Travis County officials and leaders from other neighboring entities made it clear they had a rare opportunity to:

  • Streamline emergency operations when incidents require rapid joint response
  • Enable city and county personnel to communicate across organizational boundaries
  • Improve radio coverage throughout the metro area
  • Provide enhanced communications for schools, transportation, and public works to help them coordinate with public safety efforts

Shared resources.

System: A new regional 800 MHz Project 25 network supports dependable and truly interoperable voice communications, while a new mobile data system supports CAD, RMS, and AVI applications to give people the information they need, when and where they need it.

Coverage area: Uses simulcast technology to cover 1300 square miles of rolling hills that include city, suburban and rural areas.

Users: Six governmental entities, approximately 50 departments, and 6,000 users, with expected growth to 10,000 users. More entities are expected to join the network in later phases.

An advanced network at an affordable cost.

“Shared infrastructure was a great benefit because no one agency could absorb the cost for the entire system. We were able to take the combined center approach, leverage our dollars, and produce a very good outcome from it.” – Pete Collins

“By partnering with these other agencies, the city has gotten a much better system, with much more functionality and greater coverage, than we could have afforded ourselves.”
– Robert Turner

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Hotel Provides Excellent Guest service With Improved Staff Efficiency

Hostpit2Hotel Provides Excellent With the highest decrease in occupancy rates since 1971, providing flawless customer service is more critical than ever to keeping rooms full and guests coming back. so when a large hotel complex wanted to find ways to increase the efficiency of their staff, they started by upgrading the hotel’s aging two-way analog radios to MOTOTRBO™ digital technology. With MOTOTRBO, the hotel has not only eliminated coverage gaps between the properties but has sped up response to guest requests.

Situation: Coverage gaps and a cumbersome work ticket application

Located in the heart of California’s silicon Valley, the hotel’s two 15-story buildings are located across the street from each other, with one connected to a 400,000 square foot convention center complete with exhibit space, ballroom, attached patios and 12 loading bays.

While the hotel provides generous amenities for all of its business and leisure guests, executive-level rooms with premier services and upgrades are also available, raising the bar even further for delivery of superior customer service. However, compliance with those expectations means that the hotel’s staff must have the tools available to increase efficiency and accountability.

MototrboThe hotel’s aging two-way communications system consisted of analog radios that were nearing end-of-life. Coverage was spotty not only between the properties but also within the buildings themselves. The Director of Front Office Operations decided it was time to upgrade the technology and met with Tim Holt, General Manager, BearCom, a Motorola channel partner to discuss her options. During the meeting, the Director also mentioned that the hotel was using a work ticket application called Guestware.

While the application resided on the computer and improved operations from the old paper-based method, the process was still cumbersome and slow. Whenever a guest would call with a request or an issue, the front desk would log into the application, open a work ticket, then pick up the radio or telephone and call housekeeping, engineering or maintenance. When they reached the right person, which could take several attempts, they would assign the job, open the application and update the record. Once the job was complete, the front desk then had to rely upon the individual to call back and report the status so the ticket could be closed out.

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Stone’s Mobile Radio Is Recognized For Excellence

Stone’s Mobile Radio has earned the MOTOSTAR designation from Motorola for the second consecutive year. Stone’s is honored for its commitment to high-performance business practices and extraordinary customer support. It is the only Motorola dealer to be honored as a MOTOSTAR in the entire state of North Dakota.

MOTOSTARs are recognized as the best and brightest in the mobile radio industry. They must show a commitment to offering new technologies to meet customer requirements, prove they have an experienced staff who can address customer needs and exhibit business stability.

Stone’s is a full-line, authorized dealer for Motorola in northeast North Dakota and northwest Minnesota. Located in Grand Forks, ND, Stone’s has built a reputation as a leader in the sales, installation and management of two-way communication systems, as well as surveillance systems and GPS fleet services systems.

“We are thrilled to be honored for the second year by Motorola,” says Paul Haen, owner of Stone’s Mobile Radio. “I think the fact that we’ve been acknowledged consecutively in the past two years is a good illustration of the high level of quality service we provide.”

For more information, please contact:
Paul Haen