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MOTOTRBO Anywhere is the perfect complement to your radio system. This broadband push-to-talk solution quickly and easily connects IOS and Android mobile devices to your MOTOTRBO radio system.

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Manufacturer Doubles Size Of Facility, Deploys MOTOTRBO™ Radios For Increased Coverage.

mfg1When a large international manufacturer doubled the size of its plant, the existing two-way radio system was’t going the distance. Unreliable communications can compromise plant efficiency, creating negative impact on team collaboration, employee productivity and even plant safety. The company deployed a MOTOTRBO digital radio system that provides crisp, clear audio throughout the coverage area, greater call capacity and multiple talk groups to reduce interference. Today, plant efficiency and safety is on track, allowing the company to continue its quest to provide green energy at an affordable price.

Situation: Manufacturer doubles the size of existing factory in the Midwest From raw material sourcing through end-of-life collection and recycling, a large international manufacturer creates cost-effective, renewable energy solutions that protect and enhance the environment. The company manufactures solar modules with advanced semiconductor technology that delivers economically viable alternatives to fossil-fuel generation.

With much less impact on the environment, renewable energy is most favorable when the cost is on par with grid-based (oil, coal or natural gas) energy. While proprietary technology gives the manufacturer’s modules an edge in the race toward grid-parity, the company also strives to keep productivity and efficiency high and costs low throughout the design and manufacturing process.

In 2008, the manufacturer began expansion of its U.S.-based manufacturing facility, which ultimately added two new buildings for an additional 500,000 square feet, a fourth production line and an R&D center. The expansion doubled the size of the existing factory, increased the plant’s workforce and significantly boosted annual production of solar panels.

The new plant consists of three separate buildings and a coverage area that had grown beyond the capability of the company’s two-way analog, single channel repeater radio system.

“Two-way radios are critical to maintaining efficiency and productivity,” says the local Motorola channel partner called in to consult with the manufacturer. “They help employees collaborate, keep work processes moving smoothly and ensure that the company’s Emergency Response Team has the tools needed to maintain safety and rapid response.”

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