Greenville University Medical Center Increases Security with MOTOTRBO™


With five locations spread throughout Greenville County, Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center’s (GHS) main campus had expanded beyond the capability of the security team’s analog two way-radios. In addition, security personnel in its five remote sites used cell phones which slowed response and lessened effective communications with the main campus, each other and Dispatch. MOTOTRBO two-way digital portable radios and IP Site Connect have closed the communication gaps, enabled a centralized emergency dispatch center and created a reliable, seamless communications system throughout the entire coverage area.

“The radios have worked great. The remote speaker mics and ear pieces have been a great way of keeping communication confidential even in a crowded environment. Motorola continues to be responsive to our service needs, even long after installation.”
– Shawn Reilly, Director of Security, Greenville Hospital System

“Hospital environments can be challenging in and of themselves and adding to that challenge, this customer had multiple locations. With the MOTOTRBO digital portable radios and IP Site Connect, we were able to close the communications gap between the campuses, enable a centralized dispatch, and increase security throughout Greenville Hospital System.” – Keith Pennington, Morris Communications, Inc.

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